ATOMIC MEXICAN VIBES: Mexico Scope Official Party 2017

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MEXICO SCOPE: The First Mexican Film Festival in Berlin.

A night full of electric latin music with the most important Berliner European Mexican Artists.

WAKAL *LIVE*(Urban Mexican Electronic Mex – Paris)
Electronic music project by Jorge Govea. Mexican musician currently living and working in Paris, France. Founding member of indie label Discos Konfort. His first album revealed the way he mixed field recording (sounds of the streets), and popular melodies with dancefloor / electro / rock rhythms.

SELEKTOR BONY (Revel Vibes Mex – Berlin)
Bonny one of the “ Capos “ of Revel Vibes is in da house with an open concept that blends reggae, dub, jungle, steppa and of course their roots, the latin rhythms, due to his mexican soul.

COCO MARIA (I dream of Pirahnas/Cashmere Radio Mex-Berlin)
Dreaming with Pirañhas, the Mexican coco Maria is one of the most dynamic tropical DJs in Berlin and has played in the hearts of dancers and listeners through countless great gigs and her radio show „Dreaming of Pirañhas“.

All of them will host the Club Gretchen with the most powerful Mexican Raza electric sound all night long !!!

With the support of Mobile Kino, Lulotronics, Aguaelulo’s.



Wakal *live*(Urban Mexican Electronic Mex – Paris)
Selektor Bony (Revel Vibes Mex/Berlin)
Coco Maria (I dream of Pirahnas/Cashmere Radio Mex/Berlin)

WANN: 13. Oktober 2017 | 23:00 Uhr

WO: Gretchen | Obentrautstr. 19-21 10963 Berlin – Kreuzberg Auf Karte anzeigen

WIEVIEL: *10 € / 8 € with a Mexico Scope cinema Ticket*

LINKS: Facebook | Resident Advisor | Ticket Vorverkauf | Weitere Infos

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