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Berlin! You beautiful and magnificent city! We are coming for you!

Prepare to experience a new way of fun! Pub Story is an original party series, bringing people together with custom-designed interactive games in a bar setting. Our sole aim is to create unique bar game nights and pave the way for you to create new stories and meet amazing people.

Brace yourselves as you set out to play a game only playable through meeting people, encounter sweet surprises, have fun and experience a night to remember; to tell it’s story afterwards.

For the first time ever Pub Story experience will be held at Berlin’s throbbing heart of a neighborhood Friedrichshain; at the gastropub Santa Cantina. Amazing Mexican food, exquisite drinks, great atmosphere!

Our game’s concept is inspired by the beloved Incubus song “Are You In?” from early 2000s. The concept is an invitation to party on its own!

Thursday, 28th of September
We’ll begin at 20:30. You can arrive later than that as late arrivals will not be interfere with the continuity of the game. It will just mean less amount of time for fun!

What is this game you are talking about?
That’s a surprise! All we can say for now is that the game is inspired by the song „Are You In?“ by Incubus and in order to play and increase your winning chances you have to meet as many people as possible. Speaking from experience, we know that everybody will be having a great time and they’ll be glad to be a part of the experience.

Who should come?
Everybody who agrees that meeting new people is beautiful, necessary and heart opening! Just one person can make the whole difference in the world, can cause new adventures and we are in love with this possibility. Unfortunately we tend to neglect these new possibilities and even though almost everyone enjoys meeting new people we seem to avoid the actual experience in our everyday lives.


WANN: 28. September 2017 | 20:30

WO: Santa Cantina | Simon Dach Strasse 22 10245 Berlin

WIEVIEL: 15-20 Euro

LINKS: Facebook | Ticket Vorverkauf | Weitere Infos

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