(Un)Learning and the Science of Emptiness

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The panel discussion aims to shed new light on education (= learning) by acknowledging not only scholarly investigation (= science) but also the mystery of being (= emptiness). The panel’s prominent guest Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, an energetic Buddhist tantra master, has been invited to instigate a dialogue on the topic of (Un)Learning and the Science of Emptiness with researchers and educators from German institutions.

Although the idea of experiential learning has received growing recognition over the recent decades, conventional “Western” education still gives relatively little attention to learner’s inner experience. In contrast, it seems that “Eastern” traditions place inner experience central to learning.

Most recently, mindfulness and other contemplative practices are finding their ways into primary schools, high schools, and universities, often backed by scientific findings that suggest various benefits of such inner practices. Therefore, the conversation aims to uncover the value of inner experience for learning. With regard to the “science of emptiness” this will also address the notion of “un-learning” – a compelling idea in contemporary society increasingly flooded with information especially through the Internet and smartphones.

The panel aims to explore questions such as:

– What is the role of “emptiness” for learning at schools and universities?

– What are the chances and pitfalls of the present mindfulness hype in education and society more broadly?

The participants of the panel-discussion are:

1) Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche

2) Dr. Julia Göhler (Professor for medical education, MSB Medical School Berlin)

3) Dr. Edda Gottschaldt (Founder of Oberberg Stiftung)

Moderation: Dr. Thomas Steininger (philosopher und cultural activist)

Check Eventbrite for more info on the live stream.


WANN: 15. September 2017 | 18:00 Uhr

WO: Siemens-Villa Berlin | Calandrellistraße 7, 12247 Berlin Auf Karte anzeigen

WIEVIEL: 15/20 €

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(Un)Learning and the Science of Emptiness

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