Bacteria Bar PoP uP – Kreuz-Kölln: 2020-08-28 @ Friedelstraße 30, 12047 Berlin

In by Trang


Edible Alchemy will be opening the Pop-Up Bacteria Bar in Kreuz-Kölln!
It will be a bubbly, interactive, effervescent experience. A chance to meet and taste microorganisms.
Our bar is stocked with naturally carbonated beverages made with flower petals, spices, saps, roots & unrefined sugars. We forage and gather ingredients to brew these cocktails including wild yeasts harvested from the air to craft fizzy, lifting drinks.
Come pop in for a kombucha-cocktail, or a real Moscow-mule and chat with your Bacteria Baristas behind the bar! Drinks can be purchased at the bar and ‘living appetizers’ will float around to tantalize your tastebuds.
Final fizzy menu to be released the week before! Keep your ears, noses, eyes and mouth open for bubbling updates !
Looking forward to having you there!


WANN: 28. August 2020 | 16:00 Uhr bis 29. August 2020

WO: Friedelstraße 30, 12047 Berlin | Friedelstraße 30, 12047 Berlin

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