Burial + 2018-12-21 @ Suicide Circus

In by Suicide Circus Berlin


Burial Soil embodies contemporary Techno music that goes beyond tradition, by dipping into new-school spaces, while staying true to the „roots“.

When Techno was born, it was a save haven for likeminded people, who created their own futuristic statement.
A few masterminds have put their focus on groundbreaking new music, that created a journey for all those who where willing to follow them into the dark basements and abandoned Warehouses. Reaching together a higher state of consciousness, while celebrating love and humanity.
We think nowadays it’s still important to not forget, where Techno came from, it’s punk, it’s political, it’s machine music for human hearts.
Therefor we will invite great artists, which are deeply rooted in Techno history, but also amazing new talents who stand out thru music and not their self-marketing.

SAWLIN *live* ( arts, delsin )
ALIGNMENT ( voxnox, arts )
TAG&WANDRACH *live* ( t&w records, tresor )
AERZ ( hike )


WANN: 21. Dezember 2018 | 23:30 Uhr

WO: Suicide Circus | Revaler Straße x Warschauer Brücke.


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