Club Quarantäne: CQ 4: 2021-01-16 @ Digital

In by Janka

Lockdown 2.0 means only one thing.
Rave: CQ4
Planet: Qluto
Location: Deep Space
Temperature: -18 Degrees
Status: Detroit electro has made first contact.
Detroit in Effect
Roman Flügel
Valentina Luz
VTSS b2b DJ Spit
We’re back with another one. Interact with one-another, influence the space and join our community in coming together. Let’s get weird digi-dancers.

Club Qu is a virtual club for music heads from all around the world to come together. We discover new music and party together.
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WANN: 16. Januar 2021 | 10:00 Uhr

WO: Digital | Digital

LINKS: Facebook

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