Ducks!: 2019-02-07 @ Eschschloraque

In by vf

Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan are Ducks!. Together, they make electronic music for dancing and dreaming, influenced by Disney and disco, combining synthesiser and vocal loops with found sounds recorded on ancient cassette players. The Berlin-based Australians released their debut album ‘Ding Ding Ding’ in 2016, which was long-listed for the AMP (Australian Music Prize) later that year. The aquatic-themed follow-up, ‚Nak Nak‘ was released in April 2017. Since forming in 2014 Ducks! have made soundscapes for art exhibitions and art-world memoirs, mini-musical accompaniments for standup comedy shows, and soundtracked BBC Radio 4’s ‘Not a People Person’ featuring Sam Simmons.
In 2017 Ducks! were artists in residence at Blitz contemporary art space in Valletta, Malta. There they recorded the sounds for album number three, ‚Things That Were Lost‘ due out in March 2019.

Photo: Harriet Richardson



WANN: 7. Februar 2019 | 22:00 Uhr

WO: Eschschloraque | Rosenthaler Str. 39, 10178 Berlin


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