Eclectique X Urbanum w/KamikazeSpaceProgrammeLIVE,Inner8,JUDAE and more: 2019-01-17 @ Griessmuehle



Eclectique x Urbanum + Stützpunkt will take place on January 17th 2019, in the Griessmuehle.

The key words of this one night are a combination of knowledge, science, experimentation, music performance and visual arts.
Eclectique Event will always start at sunset with Live Experimental Performances, Workshops and Vernissage.
It curates an ethic and international line up of different artists and most of the music performances are live on modular synth eurorack.

For this edition Eclectique collaborates with Urbanum, the wintergarden with the Stützpunkt’s crew and Citizen, combining our event and and exploring the techno scene and the vision of both crews at 360 degrees.
It’s time again to raver a dancing from Ambient to Experimental music performances, Techno, downbeat, jungle, … visual arts, such as VJing, video installations and exibithions.

Eclectique x Urbanum [+Stützpunkt] Programme:

*From 6pm till 11pm: WORKSHOPS

*R_2 DIY Workshop Bastl Instruments (make sure your place and kit [from 6pm till 11:30pm]

*R_2 – EMS – Electronic Music School Berlin Workshop on music production: // [from 9:00pm till 10:30pm]

From 10pm till 9am: Halle (Eclectique), Silo (Urbanum), Wintergarden (X +Stützpunkt):

R_1 and R_2
DJ sets and Live acts, Experimental Live Improvisation, live exhibition and live performance with modular synthesizer.
VJing and A/V performances

Wintergarden: Exhibition, Vernissage by: RAFAL KARCZ and AndreÅs HÅchvlla (

FB- EclectiqueBerlin:
FB- Urbanum:
FB- Stützpunkt:
Eclectique is not just about the different forms of expression than about the experience they can bring once they meet. All being uniquely perceived by each of us.
Eclectique is about feeling it, living it, be free.

*R_1 Halle (Eclectique)
Kamikaze Space Programme [LIVE] (Mord Records / Mote-Evolver / Tresor Records)
Inner8 [LIVE] + sYn A/V (Holotone / In Silent Series)
Emme Moisés [LIVE sci-fi Synth] (Citizen)
Eric Oder [LIVE] Palexia (Supernova Collective / ZwischenWelten)
Øblvn (ZwischenWelten)
N’Ego [LIVE] ( Eclectique)

Live Visual: Ombra Elettrica

*R_2 Silo (Urbanum)
Judas aka JUDAΣ [LIVE] ( ARTS / Urbanum )
Alfredo Mazzilli ( ARTS / Urbanum )
Antonio De Angelis ( Children of Tomorrow / Urbanum )
Juerga ( Urbanum )

*R_Wintergarden (X + Stützpunkt)
Exibithion, Vernissage by: RAFAL KARCZ and AndreÅs HÅchvlla
DJ sets:
OP/H b2b Tymotica (Stützpunkt)
Ålfandi b2b Saturator (Stützpunkt)
Stina Francina (Citizen)
Jens Schwan (Zug der Liebe / The Clubmap)

Resident Advisor tickets:


WANN: 17. Januar 2019 | 22:00 Uhr bis 18. Januar 2019

WO: Griessmuehle | Sonnenallee 221

WIEVIEL: 13 euro

LINKS: Facebook | Resident Advisor

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