°°°ELECTROFLUID°°°: 2020-03-13 @ Eschschloraque

In by vf

Baud is a DJ and musician who is much inspired by the electronic music scene–but not only this! In her sets, she mixes a large range of different rhythms in order to create a multi-colored atmosphere that evokes varied feelings.
From playing harder edge Techno with remixes of favorite songs to experimental and creepy tracks and beats, she collects daily and produces, she aims to cross barriers of redundancy and find her own unique way of expression. Along with co-organizing music festivals such as Fusion while following the music scene in Berlin, her home base since 2015 has been at the Eschschloraque Rümpschrümp, one of the greatest artistic platforms of Berlin since early 90′. It’s here that she learned how to DJ and raise her music knowledge to a higher level. As she doesn’t see a barrier between music and social engagement, she often plays and co-organizes antiracist and queer events. It’s for a queer night, when she had to associate a genre to her name, where she invented the term “Electrofluid”, which she kept as the perfect description of the music she’s playing. She gave the same name to the club nights she monthly organizes in the pisan club “Caracol”, where she invites djs from all over the world.

sound: https://soundcloud.com/baudbaud

pic: courtesy of the artist

DJ Baud


WANN: 13. März 2020 | 22:00 Uhr

WO: Eschschloraque | Rosenthaler Str. 39, 10178 Berlin


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