Eli Gras: UnPop: 2019-08-29 @ Eschschloraque

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This is a happy side of Eli Gras’s music world, a “one band girl” solo performance. Her sound has been defined as „Jeanette meets the Residents“ with a certain Motor Combo spirit. Eli sings and plays sort of a lo-fi, weird and funny cabaret.

A multidisciplinary artist, Eli has published solo works on experimental and dada-pop music, most recent are „Museum of the Dry Bugs“ (Gagarin Records, DE) and „Tasmanian Robinet“ (La Olla Expréss, ES). She has walked a long path since early 80’s, from experimental to electropop, through Greek music, minimalism, choral, funk, electroacoustics, radio art … and concept releases. She plays solo, but has also played with artists, such as Pierre Bastien, H.J. Roedelius, Pelayo Arrizabalaga, Adele Madau and Obmuz on many venues and festivals. As a experimental luthier she performs with sound and visual sets, also doing workshops and talks, in addition to her “one band girl” UnPop solo project. She’s the founder and director of the NoNoLogic Festival (2007) and the publishing label La Olla Expréss (2002).


Eli Gras


WANN: 29. August 2019 | 22:00 Uhr

WO: Eschschloraque | Rosenthaler Str. 39, 10178 Berlin


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