Heads 0049 w/ DJ Stefan Egger – Sound Station EP Release: 2021-01-13 @ Digital

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Heads Radio Show 0049
18:00 – 19:00 — Andrea Dama
19:00 – 20:30 — DJ Stefan Egger feat. Shooresh Fezoni Live
20:30 – 22:00 — Avec Plaisir DJ Set (Sandra & Hendrik Stein)

DJ Stefan Egger (Cosmic Music, Sound Station)
In 1980 during the annual family vacation at Lake Garda the 15-years old Stefan Egger found himself at “Club Cosmic“ and instantly got absorbed by the Italian Afro-Cosmic movement. No one less then Daniele Baldelli was playing that night, blending together hypnotic sounds from various genres like African and Brazilian music, Reggae, Ragga and Bhangra with Kraut-Rock, space disco, US funk or British new wave b-sides within minute-long transitions. It turned out to become a life-changing moment for him and the kick-off of a whole movement, which he brought to his hometown Innsbruck: Egger started the “Afro-Meeting”. Just by word-of-mouth the “Cosmic Music“ of DJ Stefan Egger and his fellas became an underground movement itself, which reached Munich, Augsburg and – even – northern Italy.
Driven by the urge to create a more and more transcendental sound by layering dance music of the obscurest origins, Egger became an expert DJ involving 3 to 5 turntables, live musicians, synthesizers and drum computers. As his own definition of “Cosmic Music“ became clearer, the various sources Egger used to draw his sounds from started to slowly run out. The local record stores switched their focus towards Euro-disco, hip hop, techno and house, so by the end of the 80s Egger and his fellas were forced to produce their own tracks and “Afro/Cosmic“ finally became an own genre.
After roughly 10 years of djing Stefan Egger founded his own label “Sound Station Records“. Until today the Sound Station catalogue counts more than 200 titles l, most of them by Stefan Egger or his various projects like “Cosmic Project“, “African Project“ or “Yase“. Even though Sound Station never really aimed for commercial success


WANN: 13. Januar 2021 | 18:00 Uhr

WO: Digital | Digital

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