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Humana second hand becoming not only a place for second hand clothes shopping, but also a place where you can experience different kind of art forms.

This time happening on 4th floor Vintage department!

Live: Così e Così (CA)

Così e Così is the personal/conceptual, recording/performative, multi-disciplinary/musical project of Canadian born poet Vincent Ferrari. Così e Così draws from improvised sound experiments to structure songs with hypnotic programming and sampled rhythms, creating complicated pop songs and ambient drone compositions around Ferrari’s intimate lyrics. Così e Così’s live performances are at once hyper-emotive and physically demanding for both audience and artist.

Così e Così has toured across Europe many times, playing various venues from larger festivals like Musical Zoo Festival in Italy to smaller art festivals and events in France and Germany to alternative stages in the Balkans, Israel and Turkey. In Montreal he founded art festival No Exist No Fest, and has appeared in local festivals Pop Montreal and Suoni Per Il Popolo multiple times. He is currently touring in support of his new 2LP ‘Impermanence In The Time Of Heavens’ on Euphonic Recordings.

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Clips of recent live show:

Press from Tiny Mix Tapes: https://www.tinymixtape


WANN: 6. April 2018 | 17:00 Uhr bis 6. April 2018

WO: Humana second hand | Frankfurter tor 3



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