Humana Vintage session: 2019-02-22 @ Humana second hand

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Mit den „Humana Vintage Session“ lädt der Second Hand shop zum shopping, begleitet von verschiedenen Musikkünstlern, ein. Einmal im Monat, Freitags laden wir Sie ein interessante und spannende Musikauftritte zu erleben, während Sie ihr neues Lieblingsstück zum tragen finden.

Live: Piska Power

Dj: zvh

If you don’t know about Piska Power yet, here’s a little introduction to the German producer’s uniquely eccentric sound universe. Based out of Berlin, Stefan Junge isn’t your regular dance music producer – he’s an abseiler, a spelunker of electronics heeding the call of the wild.

Avid explorator of tortuously sculpted tech-y meanders and burnt-out circuit board scapes, Piska Power threads his way across intricate webs of proto-techno rhythms and distorted harmonics like one scouts uncharted caverns and grottos, continuously tracing back upriver, where electronic signals come into being and the drums beat a savage, unadulterated pulse out the dawn of time.

Showcasing the breadth of his skills through a dizzying maelstrom of feverish percussions, bouncy 303 arpeggios and enticing bird calls captured during various field-recording excursions, PP’s contribution encompasses his unparalleled vision with optimal results. Eager to find out more about his creative process and personal evolution, we sat back with Stefan for a quick-fire chat.

musik: experimental, industrial, techno

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Piska Power


WANN: 22. Februar 2019 | 17:00 Uhr bis 22. Februar 2019

WO: Humana second hand | Frankfurter Tor 3, 10243 Berlin


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