Jam Baxter – Touching Scenes | Exklusive Releaseshow: 2019-05-17 @ YAAM Berlin

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It is our special honor to present one of UK’s greatest MC’s, High Focus‘ very own Jam Baxter for an exclusive show !
After his epic last album ‚Mansion 38‘ everybody was interested to see how and if he can develope and maybe even improve for the next one…Touching Scenes is out now and it is a brilliant LP aswell !

Finally time has come for him to visit our lovely Spreeufer to present his new tunes in his unique and wicked style. Watch out for this live MC !

::: LIVE:::

Jam Baxter (High Focus Rec.) London, UK
✈ http://www.high-focus.com

Doors: 21:00
Show: 22:00

• Hard Tickets: KOKA36, Eventim – DE
• Online Tickets: https://yaam.tickettoaster.de/
Jam Baxter has had an eventful time of it since he was last asked to summarise his musical adventures in biographical form. As ever, roaming around planet Earth, steadily tightening his grip on the very tallest branches of the musical canopy has been central to his movements, as has taking each and every bashment by the scruff of its neck and suplexing it dry of everything it has to offer. Most significantly however, Jam Baxter has continued to prove himself as one of the most outlandish and trailblazing songwriters on the scene. Taking listeners on a voyage through one’s songwriting is a mantra for many, but only a reality for very few; this has and always will remain the bone marrow of his day-to-day.

Best described as a young William Shatner skulking around a London backstreet staring wistfully at pigeons (his own words), Baxter can be found decimating live stages alone or in packs, sculpting releases that ooze unrivaled levels of dexterity, or simply sitting on Highbury Fields in the drizzle. It matters not which one of the above activities he may be doing at any particular time, the fact remains, no-one does it quite like Baxter.
Having set the ball rolling as the primary shareholder in Contact Play’s debut album ‘Champion Fraff’ way back in ’09, and with t

Jam Baxter (High Focus Records / London, UK) – live!
Jackie Jackpot (Malavidamusic / Berlin)
Ji’funk & The Goat (Cerebral Chaos / Berlin)


WANN: 17. Mai 2019 | 21:00 Uhr

WO: YAAM Berlin | An der Schillingbrücke 3, 10243 Berlin

WIEVIEL: 12 Euro

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