(̶̶ɯ̶̶̶o̶̶̶̶p̶̶̶̶u̶̶̶ɐ̶̶ɹ / MUG MUG ) + 2018-12-14 @ Eschschloraque

In by vf

After revolutionizing Argentina’s vibrant underground for nine years, K ΛT KΛT TΛT explores her native Berlin since 2013. Spending half of her life writing about electronic music, organising events and djing, it just seemed natural to come back to where it all started.

Being introduced to synthesizer music as a small child, she spent her earliest years in the laboratory with her dad, observing oscillators and inhaling soldering fumes. The outcome, some home-built speakers and an abstract synesthesic idea of music, influenced her so heavily she did not feel at home musically until she stumbled into her first illegal rave fifteen years down the line.

Getting completely immersed immediately, she ended up becoming an electronic music journalist working for publications like Raveline, Meoko, WKD, and Mixmag. Leading writer teams around the world in different editorials, traveling huge raves and underground spots, and feeling and spreading the vibes of the habitants and birthplaces of scenes and sounds, she picked up the basic virtues: freedom of expression, connective elements and innovative sounds are the underlying motives of her DJing.

Her sets comprise vanguard tendencies, and finding a raw and uncompromisingly experimental and explorative approach to playing vinyl only in order to intertwine the future of house, electro and techno with her firm and investigative, global roots, is paramount to her celebration of electronic music culture.

Moving on to organize events not only in her spiritual homeland Argentina but also in her native Berlin, led to her reinsertion into the German powerhouse, placing herself within those subcultures that respire her free and open-minded spirit.

K ΛT KΛT TΛT lets all her experience culminate in the organization of an event called ̶̶ɯ̶̶̶o̶̶̶̶p̶̶̶̶u̶̶̶ɐ̶̶ɹ which is currently setting out to different clubs and contexts.

photo: Sebastian Markgraf



WANN: 14. Dezember 2018 | 22:00 Uhr

WO: Eschschloraque | Rosenthaler Str. 39, 10178 Berlin


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