Lab259 Stockholm-Berlin #2: 2019-05-06 @ Marie-Antoinette

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Get ready for a memorable night at Marie-Antoinette with indie rock band side effects from Stockholm, Swedish Berlin-based psych pop from Femme Equation and the psych folk project Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys from South Africa now based in Berlin!

// Femme Equation

Femme Equation is psychedelic pop with melodies taken from the dreams of Lina Westin, the creative mind behind the project. The Berlin-based Swede previously frontend the psych rock band Caviare Days but now found her new home in the complex world of Femme Equation.

Seasoned with a 60s sound and matching visuals, her performances create a mesmerizing atmosphere that will haunt you in a good way. She is accompanied on stage by her Swedish band, which has roots in Tross and Mando Diao.

// side effects

At age 25 the four Swedish psych-rockers from side effects already celebrate their 10th anniversary. They’ve been playing with Swedish top artists like Hurula, Union Carbide Productions and Sibille Attar and have also played at the Swedish Grammy Awards and the TV-show Ebbots ark.

In January 2019 they released their second full length album called ”Some Other Day” and went on a European tour with Friska Viljor. Their song „I’m Falling“ appeared on the soundtrack for the first episode of tv series „Pretty Little Liars: the Perfectionist“.

// Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys

Lucy Kruger is a songwriter from Cape Town who moved to Berlin last year. She creates songs that are slow burning dreamscapes, both intimate and ambient.

She has just released the first single off her upcoming album, ‘Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls’, a record made to be a quiet companion for restless nights. The full album will be available through Unique Records later this year.

Femme Equation
side effects
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys


WANN: 6. Mai 2019 | 19:00 Uhr

WO: Marie-Antoinette | Holzmarktstraße 15, 10179

LINKS: Facebook | Ticket Vorverkauf

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