Late night at Humana second hand Neukoln + 2018-06-23 @ Humana second hand

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Live: Dataline (Elektron)
DJ: M LovE

bis 24:00 Late night shopping

more info:

Dataline is all about capturing the moment of abusing electronic music machines to make dreamy, trippy and improvisational sessions.
This is a project which focuses on making electronic music using Elektron Music Machines and performing with them wherever possible…

M LovE is a narrator of eclectic musical journeys.
Synths, drum machines, guitars, and percussion are used as different colors, delving into a cerebral travel through abstraction.
M LovE has been quite busy lately with gigs in Amsterdam’s “Red Light Radio”, Berlin’s “Solarium” parties and Tel Aviv’s underground club (‘Alphabet’, ‘Teder FM’, ‘Beit Hapsanter’ etc’ ) .

Check out his mix for the Parisian page ‘Slow Is The New Fast’:

Mix for ‘Teder FM’ radio:

Dataline (Elektron)
M LovE


WANN: 23. Juni 2018 | 18:00 Uhr bis 23. Juni 2018

WO: Humana second hand | Karl marx str 125, Berlin


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