Lion’s Den Sound System invites: RDH Hi-Fi & Joseph Lalibela

In by Dzifa


– Lion’s Den invites… RDH HI-FI & JOSEPH LALIBELA –

!! powered by Lion’s Den Sound System !!

for this occasion we welcome a strong dub force outta France together with a great singer from the UK… both making the rounds in the dub scene with their top work…
none other than RDH Hi-Fi from Nantes, known for their own heavy weight productions, as well as a wicked selection with nuff dubplates from their friends and family, an innovative new Sound System, and their activism in the DIY-dub-electronics world – setting new trends with their preamps, sirens and more, providing great gear and knowledge for all dub addicts -, and Joseph Lalibela from Birmingham, his voice and tunes igniting the dances worldwide like wildfire – spreading conscious vibes all over…

/// RDH HI-FI [Nantes / FR] ///

/// JOSEPH LALIBELA [Birmingham / UK] ///

/// LION’S DEN SOUND SYSTEM [Berlin] ///
(Ras Lion ls. Kali Green & konTa)

/// ABOUT ///

RDH HI-FI [Nantes / FR]

The RDH Hi-Fi project was created by Clem and Simon, as they both wanted to get involved in the sound system movement, and participate in the promotion of reggae music as well as its positivity and message of unity.

Both instrument players at a young age, RDH Sound is also producing and playing home-made original dub productions and exclusive dubplates.
Inspired by legendary sounds and producers such as King Earthquake, Zion Gate Hi-Fi or Gussie P (to mention only a few), as well as others classical Jamaican artists such as Burning Spear or Culture, their selection flows through different kinds of styles of music that are part of the history of reggae and dub music up to the latest steppers/electro dub productions freshly out of their own studio.

RDH Hi-Fi [Nantes / FR] Joseph Lalibela [Birmingham / UK] Lion’s Den Sound System [Berlin] – (Ras Lion ls. Kali Green & konTa)


WANN: 27. April 2018 | 23:00 Uhr

WO: YAAM Berlin | An der Schillingbrücke 3

WIEVIEL: 10 Euro

LINKS: Facebook | Weitere Infos

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