Lonker See: 2019-06-16 @ Auster Club

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Lonker See is a project that was generated as an ambient duo of Joanna Kucharska and Bartosz Boro Borowski (1926, Kiev Office). After the recording of the first EP, the band decided to invite two jazz musicians – Tomasz Gadecki and Michał Gos, to change the music formula, exploring a wider spectrum of genres. In Lonker See you can hear among other: jazz, space rock, psychodelic rock. Their music is full of space, based on long forms and has a lot of room for improvisation. The band is promoting now their third album „One Eye Sees Red”.

„An immersive journey from start to finish (…)“ – THE QUIETUS

„(…) the four-piece deliver psychedelia so utterly intense that it feels as if the universe is about to collapse.“ – THE QUIETUS

“Lonker See arrive on the Main Stage at what is undoubtedly the hottest point of the festival, with temperatures at some uncomfortably high levels, and deliver one of the standout performances of the weekend. Such is the charisma of epic pieces like opener ‘Lillian Gish’ that the crowd braves the sweltering heat to be handsomely rewarded with a slow-burning and hypnotic set.” – THE QUIETUS

Lonker See


WANN: 16. Juni 2019 | 19:00 Uhr

WO: Auster Club | Pücklerstr.34, 10997 Berlin


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