Modern/Contemporary Dance mit Livia Politi // online class: 2020-12-23 @ Digital

In by Janka

Livia’s classes are based on the Joos-Leeder technique and,- expanded by elements from Release-, Limon- and Alexander Technique, aim at a comprehensive training of alignment, flow, joints, muscles and musicality. These organisation principles support every dancer and choreographer to find their individual access to dance and creation.
Trial lesson (after registration): EUR 13
About Livia Politi ///
Graduated from the Folkwang Arts University, under the direction of Pina Bausch, Livia Politi has participated in numerous projects as a dancer, choreographer, choreographer Assistant and Company trainer- with Directors Henrietta Horn, Carlos Orta, Marco Antonio Silva, George Camerun, Michel Descombey, Gladiola Orozco and Geraldine Cardiel, in Germany, New York, Mexico and Argentina.
Focused mainly on teaching dance, choreography and improvisation techniques, Livia is a faculty member of Seneca-Intensive Dance Program and Urbanraum studio Berlin. She works as assistant for Elisabeth Molle at the Bachelor of Arts at the University of Arts Berlin (HZT).
Livia is also a Certified Teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique and a member of the Alexander Technique Association of Germany (ATVD), teaching in schools and universities for Performing Arts as well as in her private studio in Berlin.


WANN: 23. Dezember 2020 | 18:00 Uhr

WO: Digital | Digital

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