Nichtseattle live bei British Shorts: 2020-01-17 @ Sputnik Kino

In by The Foxy Boxers

Nichtseattle is the Berlin musician Katharina Kollmann – sometimes performing solo, only with distorted guitar and loops, sometimes accompanied by other musicians.

“Nichtseattle is causal research on its own, is blue. With a baritone guitar and a mind full of dirty jokes it’s about tower block, arbour, hit and run, football, canned beer, warning shot, coarse joke, lonely, father hands, father legs, Greifswald and just all the things you cannot imagine in Seattle if you are not from Seattle but Nichtseattle – the place where many of us have anticipated Christmas too many times and clandestinely still do. Sometimes declamatory (yes/one could surely…), sometimes melancholy (shame/hurts), sometimes pragmatic (nevermind), often creaky garagesk (fuck you, very muschiii). Songs.” (Nichtseattle)

“Kollmann sings of loneliness, of desire, of war in the XXOO trenches, about the shrinking of ones heart when surrounded by serious faces.“ (badalchemy 97 rbd)

“The songs are narrative, they talk as if being sentences and are anything but: Sentences. They are a courageous grasp at the Untold. It’s lyricism, feeling behind the silence, her own nevertheless. As if she lent her soul a pencil to draw a language of thought that only the grown up kids know.” (

Tickets (5,00 €), soon available via

Part of 13th British Shorts Film Festival – 16.–22.1.2020 at Sputnik Kino, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Acudkino, City Kino Wedding, Silent Green – Details:

Photo: © Sascha Schlegel



WANN: 17. Januar 2020 | 22:00 Uhr

WO: Sputnik Kino | Hasenheide 54, 10967 Berlin


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