Oliver Marquardt – DJ Jauche: 2019-02-08 @ Eschschloraque

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Born in East Berlin, Oliver Marquardt was first inspired to become a DJ when the 1984 Break Dance Film „Beat Street“ permeated the city’s isolated music scene. Equally influential was the dance music he listened to, broadcasted from West Berlin radio. After closely following these new music styles – hip hop, acid house etc – Oliver bought his own pair of turntables in 1989. This was right after the Berlin wall came down, providing fertile soil for the city’s new
underground music scene to take roots and by the following year Oliver was hosting his own techno parties. His illegal warehouse parties were noteworthy in themselves Oliver forged ahead as one of the first german DJs to establish a nationwide presence and impressed people with his Dj skills and fine music selection.

DJ Jauche, as he is known, began a residency in Berlin’s legendary „Walfisch“ Club and played regularly in many other Berlin Underground Clubs. 1995 he kicked off his party „Jauchomatic“ where he brought his brother „Sven Marquardt“ into the club scene and gave him his first job as a „selector/doorkeeper“ . Nowadays Sven is famous for his work as an Artist and Photographer and of course as the “ Iron Man“ selector of Ostgut and now Berghain Club. Jauchomatic stands for music from 1988 to 1995, House to Techno, Oldschool
Trance Tracks, Acid and Breakbeats. His ongoing Event is taking place once a year in his Homebase Berlin and welcomes over 700 happy Ravers.

Jauche strictly plays Vinyl and combines all styles of music he loves, from House, Disco, Funk to make the events more interesting and keeping the people on their toes.


picture: Manuela Clemens

Oliver Marquardt – DJ Jauche


WANN: 8. Februar 2019 | 22:00 Uhr

WO: Eschschloraque | Rosenthaler Str. 39, 10178 Berlin


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