Oxen: 2019-09-22 @ Auster Club

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There really was no doubt whether Oxen should exist. It was obvious to the two childhood friends Erik and Stefan that they should write music together and see what the world had to offer them. Their first two songs were released in 2016 and got placement on official Spotify playlists and a lot of love from music blogs and fans around the world. Oxen’s debut album ‘Postpone and Forget’ was released in November 2018. The album got nice reviews across the board and ‘Rolling Stone’ called the duo ‘a talented indie-rock outfit’. Radio stations in Germany, and other parts of Europe, picked up some of the songs and the band also toured those parts of the world after releasing ‘Postpone and Forget’. To kickstart a long period of new music being released ‘Oxen’ will put out a stand-alone single called ‘Matrix Moves’ together with a music video, showcasing some non-musical skills of the band. Through 2019 and 2020 new songs will be released, new shows will be played and the journey for the perfect song will continue.


WANN: 22. September 2019 | 19:00 Uhr

WO: Auster Club | Pücklerstr.34, 10997 Berlin


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