Rituals x Incubation: 2019-02-17 @ Suicide Circus

In by Suicide Circus Berlin


On this beautiful Sunday, Rituals and Incubation, two fine event series of the harder pace, meet and bring something new: the meeting of like-minded people in a musical context. As it also was with the Leipziger Oliver Rosemann, who remixed Repressed Mind on T4F. The collaboration is one to check out, and just as exciting is their meeting today. They are actively supported by Pernox from the Geheimclub, Kaczorek from [selected] and Nauthiz.

OLIVER ROSEMANN ( mord, mind trip rec. )
REPRESSED MIND ( incubation )
KACZOREK ( selected )
PERNOX ( geheimclub magdeburg )


WANN: 17. Februar 2019 | 23:30 Uhr

WO: Suicide Circus | Revaler Straße x Warschauer Brücke.

WIEVIEL: 6/8 euros

LINKS: Facebook | Resident Advisor

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