Room of Colors | Kick-Off: 2019-09-06 @ Loftus Hall

In by moefreemann


Our vibrant city gives us many opportunities to celebrate and party. By now, there are so many wonderful options, that a brand new concept must really be one that attempts to deliver a unique, fresh experience. Ask any promoter of any party and they will all tell you that their events are about bringing people together and about musical expression. Especially in Berlin, most would also emphasize the free-spirited nature of their events, the loving and accepting atmosphere, and obviously their choices of the musical lineup.

However, when trying to set up a specific vibe, often come guidelines and rules as well. Those are meant for guests to rightful adapt themselves to the concept, in order to create that special atmosphere.
So what if we try to reverse the roles? What if a party attempts to extract its power and uniqueness from the individuality of its guests?

In so many words, this very idea stands behind the “Room of Colors”. It is the warm encouragement and subtle invitation of people to show themselves, instead of having to adapt, and to discover themselves, instead of having to pretend. For this reason, the “Room of Colors” offers way more than just a few DJs and a nice venue: its artistic program ranges from Stand Comedy to Belly Dancing, from Tarot Card Readings to Drag Shows and Body Painting. And yes, sure, also a fine musical lineup of DJs. After all – we’re still in Berlin.

With such variety and diversity we invite you to be creative, to explore your wardrobes and dig into your minds. Find those ideas and fantasies that were hidden in the back of your heads and those weird outfits that were hidden in the back of your closets. Upon arrival at the “Room of Colors”, we hope to se


Annie O
Chris Hanke
Techno Jesus
Vincent Marlice (live)
Fillmore Park
Ramy Hasnawe


Stand-up Comedy: Daniel-Ryan Spaulding

Belly Dance: The Darvish Haidar

Drag Show: Sabine Jay

Tarot Card Readings: Morgan Hasenfuß

Face/Body Painting: Mercedes


WANN: 6. September 2019 | 22:30 Uhr bis 7. September 2019

WO: Loftus Hall | Maybachufer 48, 12045 Berlin

WIEVIEL: 10-12 Euro

LINKS: Facebook | Resident Advisor

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