take it or leave it – experimentel installation: 2019-09-12 @ GlogauAIR

In by siillane


Things we bring, things we take, things we need, things we desire, things we use, things we reuse, things we forget about, things we cannot repair. The interactive performance #4 take it or leave it explores the chaos of everyday objects that is gladly left behind. In this era of broken dreams – can we still pick up the pieces? And is it possible to leave no traces?

Following a ten-day residency, M A I D E N S P E E C H presents an experimental installation at GlogauAIR Project Space. We will guide the audience through a three-room journey spanning text, music, movement and a live messaging platform. Bring your smartphones! Fully charged.

M A I D E N S P E E C H is a Berlin-based performance collective founded in 2017 by artists Flora Dekkers, Beatrix Joyce and Michela Filzi. We create and curate site-specifc, immersive performance works that span installation, text, sound art and interactive digital interfaces.


WANN: 12. September 2019 | 19:30 Uhr

WO: GlogauAIR | Glogauer Strasse 16, 10999 Berlin

WIEVIEL: 8 Euro / 12 Euro

LINKS: Facebook

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