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Mit den „Humana vintage sessions“ lädt der Second Hand shop zum shopping, begleitet von verschiedenen Musikkünstlern, ein. Einmal im Monat, Freitags und Samstags, laden wir Sie ein interessante und spannende Musikauftritte zu erleben, während Sie ihr neues Lieblingsstück zum tragen finden.

Live: Ersha
dj’s: Internist (special dnb session)
zvh (vinyl selection)

Ersha is ambient/drone music creator and upholder from Lithuania.
Tadas works are distinguished for their wide as mist atmospheres which sink in perpetual echo of consonance. Consistent development of trajectories and the feel of right sound incorporation make creations compelling from the very first beginning until the end. Sufficiently wide range of acoustic expression kindly fills the environment, in which is listened to. Combining field recording samples, virtual Synthesizers and playful effects he creates ambient classical frame. Flowing unique cinematic sound fragments and whispers of mysterious vocals expand imagination. As stated by Tadas, his music is hiding existential questions to the universe.

An artist who has considerable potential to reach a wide percentage of academic public with his sounds that vibrate like distant space language.

Musik: dnb, dubtech, idm, electronic

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WANN: 23. März 2018 | 17:00 Uhr bis 23. Februar 2018

WO: Humana second hand | Alexander str 7



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